January's about to burn!

I bet that this month will be THE WORST from any other January I've been through! First, no celebrations, not going back home, Wifi is having a serious time with me, Maxis is also one heck of a shit. I hate it here! Damnnn you POLITEKNIK! Can't you be any worse?! I wanna go back home! I want to see Juno! I want to see my friends! I want my cigarettes! I want my old life back :'( I think I'm going to cry now. Adam, I need you lah shomat! Aku nak jumpa kau taw tak? ==' I don't wanna stay here. Huwaaaaaaa!

So I guess, I can't hope for much this 9th. I can feel that it wont be special. :'(


  1. hey gurl... it's your birthday today... selamatharilahirTasha...