Ho-ho-holiday =='

Finally, I'm home =='

Okay, so what to do.. Hmm. NOTHING! Its not that I regret coming home. Its just... AHHH! huhu

Okay wait wait. Before I start crapping around, this this! Yes that thing right there. Mum, I'm 19. On the 9th January 2010, you only came to my college and took me to a restaurant for lunch. And then you gave my a heart-shaped fluffy pillow. Okay, I know that seems lovely. But, this is in my wish list. Too long, I mean so loooooong to feel how it is to own a brand new phone. Is it too much that I ask for? I guess this is the only thing I could ask for. Hmm T_T so, can you grant my wish?

So, let's start. Oh, holiday. Hmm, holiday huh. So far, not doing so good. Hopefully the day after today changes everything. I want to meet all my friends. And I am so so so thankful that I get to see my baby Juno. I miss her the most. Getting to spend my time with my Juno just clears up my mind, cheers me up. That's what Juno does best. :')

And today, I met Tacha ( Natasha Razak ). I haven't met her for so long so we decided to hang out for a while at the park. As usual, we..... gossiped. HAHA. What girls do best. Shadap guys. Dengki. ==' we planned to go out tomorrow. Sunway bayby! hehe. Harap2 ayah kasi, okay ayah? Thanks!

hmm, I'm getting bored typing right now. Can I stop? ...

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