Let's be optimistic.

So, *smiling everything went well. Beyond my thoughts thinking that my only special day would turn out ugly, but hey, I had fun that day. Many wishes from my facebook friends, I got two special surprises from my room mates. First, I got washed with a bucket of maggi soup + maggi + milo + black paper + softlan + something else. And yeah for sure they threw powder instead of flour on my face. Its okay guys. I had fun :) And at night, two of my room mates prepared a meal for me and my friend that happens to have the same birthday as I do. They cooked a ' mangkuk besar ' of maggi then one bucket of KFC. haha. Unforgettable. Then the next day, my family came to see me. Mom bought me a fluffy-heart pillow. :') Thanks ma. Honestly, even though I have no 'fun fun' party or a wild party, but this is quite enough for me. Oh I forgot, I miss my Juno :'( I want to see you so bad. So sooooooo bad, baby. I'll be home in 2 weeks okay? I'll take care of you. Hmmm :'(

So how's life at Poli? Good. Good as always. I have an ' eye crush ' on this guy. Super cute! Nak gigit die. Always bertembung dgn die. And everytime he looked at me, I'm like " weyh jangan lah pandang aku! Jantung aku 200 km/j nh! " HAHA. Okay, I guess thats all. Bye

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