And then, there's you.

For almost 2months we know each other, it was the best 2months of knowing you, actually. We've gone through ups and downs, we fight and we made up. I don't need to tell you who you are. You know who you are. You're the one who still remains in my heart even though I can't take off my eyes from these cute guys at my college. XD You always assumed yourself to be " not perfect enough " for me, but to me, you're enough. I'm done with cute faces actually. All I want from you is your funny, silly, annoying, sweet heart :') If I can post a blog about you everyday, I would. And the whole blog will be about you. Because I can't think of another person other than you. Don't ask me why if you're reading this, maybe I haven't got the taste of being in this sorta situation for such a long time. Being a single swagger for almost a year turned me into someone I'm not. For instance I wanted to start a relationship, I have to learn back the basics. SHUT UP! I KNOW! :'( The only reason this happens is because, I just wanna forget how it feels to love a person, because guys don't know how to appreciate. So I thought it was the best way to just -forget. I just hope that this will not be my another stupid mistake. Not making a mistake by knowing that you're not my kinda guy but by falling for the wrong person. But :') I know, that it won't happen again, right?

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