This one is for you guys.

Heyy my chicks and dicks! omg omg. I can't believe that I'm actually going. Going to a different life. Life that I've been waiting for so long. Aiceh :p Well, all I wanted to write tonight is specially dedicated to my friends. My beloved Atiq Mazlan and Eqa Mazhar. You two have been such strong backbone for me. You guys are the kinda friends I can't afford to lose. Today, Atiq keep telling me not to go. She told me she's about to cry. Haha, Atiq. I won't be going away forever lah minah. I'll be home just to see you. Trust me I would. Aku tak sabar nak celebrate birthday kite. We'll be sure to make it a memorable one. Okay? All for us. I can't believe that I still have my friends when I'm going all up and down. Macam mane aku nk explain? You all are soooo SOO amazing. Thanks for those yg slalu bg advise, always telling me to cheer up, to smile, to keep on laughing. Ishh you guys rock okay? You definitely rock my fucking world. What would happen to me without you guys :') I love you guys more than just a word. Its pretty hard to explain how much I appreciate you guys. Hopefully when I'm there, you guys wont forget me. Because I will be needing you guys, EVERYDAY! :D Its that enough? haha. I hope so. Thank you thank you so so much weyh! Aku bg hadiah kt sorg2. Nahh! muah muah! hahaha. :p

Today jugak I met my grandma. She cried after giving me a hug. Opah, angah sayang opah okay? Opah jaga angah dari kecik lagi. Eventhough bile angah dah besar nh angah slalu buat hal dgn opah, slalu bgon lmbt, nk buat mcm mane lagi kan. Angah tetap sayang opah :') I'll always be your favourite grand daughter.

And to my family, mama, ayah, thanks for all your sincere support. My parents are by far the most loving parents ever. Okay I know korang ade lagi loving but I think I'm enough with mine. I love my family. My family is at the number 1 spot. My adik2, aku tak sayang korang. Korang suka buat taik dgn aku. Aku yg kakak nh lah korang nk buli. =.=' so not nice.

And lastly to my one and only sayang, Juno. Baby, I won't be long there okay? I'm gonna miss you really REALLY bad! Nty kite suruh kakcik jaga Juno elok2 k? I love you too much Juno. I'm gonna miss you every single day. I mean every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month! haa every ape lagi?! Aku sayang kau gila babi taw! I will always do. :')

Fuhh, penat type. So, guys, pray for my survival there. HAHA. And always have me in your mind, because you guys are permanently in mine. =.=' :D Goodnight!

Lots of love and xoxoxoxoxoxoxox,
Natasha Azlan.

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