Hello College Life.

Whats cookin budss?! Hey hey, lama tak update blog. Been too I mean like freaking busy with my life. *cehh life lah sgt. So, hmm, okay2 tasha cool, say it slowly, I'm...going....hmmmm....to...Po..po..pooooliteknik SABAK BERNAM THIS SUNDAY! NO NO NO! Maigod. It feels like time just cut it short. Hmm, now my time comes. Its my time to crack my head studying. yayy T_T hmm. Well, the best part is tmpt study aku nh tak jauh mane so I can go back home anytime I want. YAYY! :D Okay, change the topic sha!

And and and, I cant cant wait for January to arrive. January, sila cepat sikit okay? Me and Atiq are planning this awesome party for our birthday. Hopefully it turns out well-planned. It's not like I always celebrate my birthday with my pals aite? Jyeahh. So, I'm turning 19, hehe and hey, what's wrong with a little fun? Just a little. Won't hurt nobody :) I won't tell where or when this party will be. Still in discussion dohh. Then I asked myself " Tasha, what do you expect for your special day? " Okay. Soalan cepumas. Kacang mamak. My friends, and umm maybe a boyfriend? Oh Oh! And of course presents sial. Nak dtg lenggang, makan pastuh blah mmg aku tembak sorang2. Takdelah. I'm just joking around *not.

Sambung balik hal poli tadi. Okay. Hmm. Of course when I got there, I'm gonna miss my friends, but who I miss the most is my Baby Juno. Hmm. Nty pagi2 I wont be waking up next to you :'( I wont be playing with you often. Uhuhuh. Ketua Poli, boleh tak aku bawak kucing aku skali? Sbb die jea yg pandai kejut aku pagi2. Kalau tak mmg aku tak bangun kot. Damn! Seriously man! I'm gonna freaking miss Juno. She's like my bestfriend I can't afford to lose. *bukan main lagi kan? family? Of course rindu family doh. Tp adik2 aku tak. Sume asyik buat taik ngn aku jea, malas nk rindu korang. Then, on Saturdays, I won't be joining my family going out anymore. Korang jalan lah tanpa aku. =.=' *sigh.

Well, I guess thats all chicks and dicks. Aku malas nk type byk2 tp korang tak baca. Okay, here comes regret. HAHA. aitte, chiaou !

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