Bullshit. How niceee

Hello fuckers. Sorry, im a bit high today so I swear like fucking a lot. So today sucks. Pretty much nothing happened. Fun right? Hell jyeah. Oh, news buzz, boyfriend don't text at all. Nicee sayang. I don't mind. I'm good. I'm cool. =.= I have this highly level of patience. But whatever aite. Okay2. Good news mafakars. I'm finally moving out yo! Mom, dad. Please make it sure this time. I'm getting the hell outta 'ere. Afterwards, I'm getting a new life. More going out, more fun, more enjoying. Ohyeahhh. And there's no one stopping me :) hahahahahah *evil laugh. So my chicks and dicks, I'm coming right at yah!

Oh look here dumbassess, my wishlist! :
  • move out move out!
  • A brand new piano
  • A car
  • New cell
  • Polaroid camera
  • Rollerblade. *fucking want this
  • Happier family and Juno <3
  • All my babes and dudes.
  • and lastly, omg I hate mentioning this. A good-hearted, loyal, honest, romantic, caring, would do just about anything, loving, sweet blah blah blah boyfriend.

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