Something for tonight

Hey hey guys. Hmm I'm pretty bored tonight. Seriously there's nothing entertaining now except this cute girl singing this song. awww :) Today, I spent my day at Shah Alam. Early in the morning dah kne bukak mata and head down to DEMC Shah Alam for my medical check up. Doctor cakap Natasha, awak normal. Doc, saya mmg normal. =.=' Muka saya nh ade nmpk mcm org tak waras kea? Mungkin sbb saya dtg dgn muka baru bangun tido tp itu normal doc. Okay whatever. Lepas pegi hospital, me and my kakak sedara, Kak Ana, went to the bank to get some $$$$ man! woohoo today I'm a freaking rich woman! elehh not much pon. Oh oh! Otw to the bank I met with one of my old friend since we were in darjah5. His name is Ariffin Ramlee. Weee comel lah die. haha. Kalau kau baca nh ipen, aku tak ikhlas ckp tuh. hehe. And then me and my cousin went for lunch at KFC 13. My treat! haha. Diam ah. Then off to my cousin's hse to rest. Tired man! Lepastuh balik rmah. Okay bosan! =.=' bye

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