So it has been 3days me and sayang haven't text each other. To be honest, right after we first met,sayang has been so different. Before we met, he usually refuses to let me leave him alone. He wanted me to always be with him. And now, things ain't like that anymore. You're more busy with your skate life, but I don't mind. I know that skate's your life so I won't bother. I just need you. Most of the time, I felt lonely. I thought that now you're my sayang, you will always be here for me. But it didn't seem that way. And I also understand how complicated your money situation till you can't topup your number and give me a call. At least, show me a little effort. I used to stay up late just to wait for you on facebook, but eventually, you didn't showed up. And, I understand why.

Our second date was the most memorable one. That feeling when I'm with you won't slip away that easy. I kept thinking of it everytime I miss you. And when I feel like singing with you, I turn on our song Your Guardian Angel . Then I would smile and forget about my breakdowns. I don't wanna forget how you first hold my hand, how you first lean your head against me, how you look at me even if I can't really see where your eyes are, how you first touch my cheeks just to cheer me up, how you first kiss me on the cheeks and lips and how you first said I Love You to my face. Sayang, there's no forcing in love. I won't force you to love me and all. But once you mentioned it, my heart for one second, believed. If you're reading this, I'm sorry if I'm wrong. Some people just ain't that good at this, but me, I wanna be better. Just for you :')

Just you,

FSBJ. <3

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