From being "it's complicated" to "single"

Hmm, not much to say really. I can't sleep right now because it's still 10:45pm??!! Maigod, I thought its already pass midnight =.=' So today, I slept early, waiting for mum to take us out. She had this dinner with her blah blah blah I dont know who. After that I woke up, I think about 22:45pm something. Then I checked my phone in case mom called. and yeah, mom called. And there's one text message. And it aint mom. So there it goes. He wants to break up. And I said thats okay, as long as he's happy with his decision then, im cool (trying). I really do dont know where are my mistakes. I just wished you could tell me what I've did. I could do my best just to save our relationship but its pretty obvious that you dont want this thing between us. Well, thats okay though. Even if I know that I'm a weak person on the inside, I'll try my best to be more tougher.

So, this is for you. And I hope that you're happy with your decision and em', hopefully there would be someone far more better than I do, someone more perfect for you. Lastly, I forgive you :')

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