November Hates Me

Ergh! Ergh! ARGH!! For crying out loud! Man! Why?! Have I done something until you hate me this much, November!? I'm all stressed right now! Thank God I'm off to Poli this Sunday. No more blah blah blah babble babble babble. Everyone shut up! Urgh. Seriously guys, November is not my favourite month. Awak jahat dgn kite. sniff sniff. First, I let lose the guy I thought will last long. Then I have to confront more difficult situation, that is to not fall for a guy who is " in a relationship ". I know this may sound silly to you guys, but hey, frankly my life havent been easy on me. Okay, aku taw life tak sume kne senang, mesti ade susah. I'm not strong as you think I am. I'm not the girl who's capable to just move on and forget the past that to me it's something hard to let go. Okay? =.=' Cmon. Imma girl :) We're obviously have the weakest heart. How strong, how hard you go, someday you'll eventually feel like bursting into tears. But, I dont wanna show the whole world that I'm weak. My friends especially, knows me better. When I'm all down and moody, they'll make a joke just to make me laugh. And when I'm all high and crazy, they'll know something's wrong.

So Tasha, what did you do today? :
Takde buat ape pon. Mula2 pegi skolah pegi cop cop apejadah tah. Lepastuh pegi makan dkt mcd dgn zeera. Then balik rumah, back to same o same o life!

And that's basically what I did today. Bosan kan? Nicee. Babai

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