So I see maybe things won't go well. I don't know. But then you were so nice but I don't think I should trust 'nice' no longer. Its killing my brain just thinking about this. Sometimes, I'm at the verge of giving up. I just feel like, " Hey, why wait? Its not like things will go back to the way it were " and I keep asking myself, " Is this what I should call MOVING ON? ". Hmm what's the use. Clearly he doesnt need any girl. So, like what the hell am I wasting my time waiting? You see. I can't even answer my own question! *sighh

I just can't keep waiting. All thats been running inside my head is " give up give up! " like hey, whattha. I know his intentions and obviously I've taken it the wrong impression. Maybe ? I'm sorry. It's just so hard for me to take it

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