Esok dah boleh puasa balik!

Yayyy! Finally after 7days my 'partner' has been visiting me and today she's gone! Bye stupid 'partner'. Aku boleh puasa dengan aman! Fuhh! And the last few weeks, we went for raya shopping again. Teehee I got my favourite outfit! Thanks mama. Susah angah pusing satu mall carik. Heh. So Sabtu harituh, aku still tak dpt jmpe Eqa. Aku lah nh keluar lame sgt. Nak singgah sini lah sini lah. Errr geram gila babi aku! Takpee. Kau cuti panjang nty kite jmpe kayy? I promise :) And R, thanks for brightening up my day :) Everytime I got a text from you, I would have this long and wide smile even my sister call me crazy. haha. I appreciate the tiny things you do to keep me cheered up. :]

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