I'm happy because of you Mama!

Seriously, during fasting month is not a good idea to go shopping especially when you have to walk miles! But but, with all my strength for Raya, I ignore all those tiredness and went through the day with joy :] Thanks to Mama, she bought a new handbag, a few new outfits, this cute baju kurung. Thank you mama. Angah sgt bersyukur today. All thats left is shoes. But why rush, right? Angah boleh tgu kasut tuh. So just night we went to Jalan Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur and it was packk!! Humans pushing and yelling " Murah murah! 5 10 5 10. " Aku dah naik bingit telinga penuh dgn kesabaran. And and, here's another funny story. Funny with a little stupidity. Me and my family went to Jusco Bukit Tinggi, Klang to look for some stuffs. Then ada this girl, sumpah masalah lah die. Pakai selendang, muka mmg sopan lah en. Pakai baju ketat paras bontot lepastuh pakai leggings ketat. Weyh, die dah sedar mamat2 kt situ tego ponggong die tersombol die buat derkkk jea? Memang dasar! I was like, pehhh apehal lah minah nh. Lepas beberapa jam lalu, aku nmpk die lagi. Kali nh lalu betol2 depan aku. And I gave her this stare like she knows why I stare that way. Then die cover2 bontot die pakai beg. HAHA lame asss lah. Hehe I guess thats all :]

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