What do u like to be called? natasha :)
ADMIT a secret about this name? there's no secret
Do you have a job/ career? nopp
ADMIT a secret about your career: my career has no secret bodoh
Do you love yourself? yes I do :)
ADMIT a physical attribute you LOVE and HATE about youself: I love my hair everything about me.
Do u have any regrets? yes
ADMIT one thing you regret doing in the past: Too many :D
Are u in love? no :\
ADMIT what brought on these thought: i dont know
Do u feel any jealousy or envy toward anyone? yessss
ADMIT what makes you feel this way? because that person is prettier and rich
Do you ever feel less than beautiful? yess, most of the time
ADMIT why you feel this way? because i have flaws
Have you ever been hurt? so many times
ADMIT who hurt u: Boys
Ever pretended to be someone's friend for your own benefit? Nop
ADMIT the truth about why you did it: Because I dont feel like I should
Ever lied to spare someone's feelings? nop
ADMIT the truth about the lie you told: I dont 's'
Ever suffered from a broken heart? bodoh punye question
ADMIT who broke your heart and what he/she did: Boys, they hate me
Ever cheated on someone? i dont cheat
ADMIT the truth on why you cheated: i dont cheat kan
Ever told anyone you loved them and didn't mean it? nopp
ADMIT the truth about why you lied? to save myself :D
Ever been in jail? nevahh
ADMIT the truth on why you were locked up: -
Ever steal music? once, twice, idk
ADMIT what website you steal music from: actually, i stole my aunt's cd
Do you click ads when on a website? nopp
ADMIT what types of ad's you click on: -
Do you watch reality tv? yes!
ADMIT the most embarassing shows you watch: something 18sx
Are you happy in your career? yes
ADMIT what you know you should be doing with your life: Being a person that appreciates life

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