Holiday baby!

Woww. PD and Kuantan was wicked! First I went to PD with Natasha Razak's family. Her mother had her family day there. And we stayed at Selesa Hotel Resort something like that, and we took a few, I mean, a lot of pictures.This is me and Tacha at the beach. We didn't dip in, we just walk by thats all :D And this is during the dinner. Man, the food was FINGER LICKIN GOOD :D
This is Auntie Zaiton, Tacha's mother :) Thanks Auntie for retouching my eyes :D

And finally, the last day there. They headed back home while I went for another vacation in Cherating, Kuantan. Haha

But I dont have the pictures in Kuantan. We forgot the camera, but all I know I had fun eventhough I suffer a little pain in the back, my arms and legs, err, but it's fun :) I went to the beach, and DIPPED in :D went swimming at the pool, blah3, it's fun. So I guess thats all :)

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