You know, I tried. I tried so hard to put this together. I tried to be different, I tried to be strong, I tried to be mean and wild. Just to run away from the fact that I love this one guy and he's just not coming back. I never wanna stop believing. I never even thought about stop hoping. I have faith for the hundreds and million times I've said already. But then, I realized that no matter how hard it would be, I have to. I saw a picture of a girl with him and all of a sudden my brain stops thinking, my heart starts pumping and my breath couldn't reach out. For 3minutes of blackout, something hit me in the head. " What now? Still gonna wait for him?? " The hurting does get even worse this time and the more it hurts the more I make a big step back. I don't wanna get it right anymore. I don't wanna impress anymore. I guess that girl must be your special someone and I must say that I don't like to interfere people's relationship. Even if I still have this little amount of love for you, I might as well have to throw it away. Accepting the truth that ' Boys will always be Boys '. And you wanna know something R.A, even if it hurts so badly, I don't know why I'm so stupid enough to stay. I don't know why I love you. I just don't know why. :'(

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