First day impression.

IT SUCKS! For crying out loud man. After looking at my class schedule, it gets even worst and worst. Everyday is pack with classes from 8 till 6. Well not all the class till 6. STILL! Oh geez. Like just now, it was Halal Practice class. The lecturer gave a little hint of our topic this semester. We got seven chapter and everything is hard as hell. HELL! Unfortunately, I can't complain. I have to work hard on it. I know I've promised dad. I can't let him down this time. Oh and, yesterday, I've talked to dad. I asked him about me going to Korea during this semester break. And he said...... YES! Oh my god, thank you so much ayah! Got greenlight. So I've already calculated my expenses this semester and I have to cut down some few things to make sure I don't waste a lot of money. For the sake of Korea. =.=' Well, I guess that's it because I'm inside the library. Feeling a little drowsy right now. Annyeong ^^

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