Annyeong ^^
Happy Saturday everyone :) Today, again, so tired. I have to wake up early and send my dongsaeng(little brother) to register for his license and then send my hyung(big brother) to a motorcycle shop to get his bike back. Supposedly, today my family planned to go to Sunway. Mom wanted to get her hands on and iPad but unfortunately because of my sister's annoying attitude, we didn't go out in the end. So me on the other hand got the chance to hang out for awhile with my friends. There was Amier, Raja, Shahrul, Yan, Syazwan, and some other guys. Yup, I was the only girl that time. sigh. Where are all my girlfriends? Again, sigh. But it was fun that I got to meet up with them again after such a long time we didn't meet up.

So what's with the 'Brain-damage' thing?
Okay. When I was chatting with Amier, I mentioned about my birthday in the next few weeks. And on my birthday, there's no free time to celebrate. So I asked them if they have anything in mind. This matter has been on my mind everytime. I get really upset knowing that I have to spend my birthday in Sabak Bernam. SIGH! No matter how, I'll try to give some time for myself. And also I have to remember that I can't spend so much on my student loan. I'm gonna keep some for my travel. Oh you know that's going to happen. I am so going! Tomorrow I'm going to meet up with my aunt and ask her if she would insist to come along. She's good at travelling. She's been in Europe a lot. So why not ask her to travel around Asia? Especially it's spring season during this April in Korea. Ahh, flowers everywhere ^^ I have to think about this clearly and plan this very well.

" Ya Allah, bantulah hamba-mu ini kecapi impian ini. Bukakanlah pintu rezeki ku untuk ke luar negara. Amin."

Well, I guess that's all for today. Blog some more later. Annyeong ^^

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