hmm :)

Okay I know its already 11:51 pm and I'm not in my room. I'm outside! Haha. I'm having a serious time with the wifi coverage here. Damn you wifi! Actually I'm waiting for Adam Jamil on skype, but he's not here yet. Adam, where the hell are you?! =.=' Lambat gila okay. So, as said I will tell you about Adam here.

Hmmm, adam eh? Adam, die gila. HAHA. No no. He's funny. He has a way to make me laugh. He tries to find a way to keep me laughing. You did a very good job keeping me gila gila lah Adam. FYI, I dont usually call him Adam. I call him Damdam. Macam name manja like that :p And of course he calls me by other name, and its Shashon. Haha. I have no idea kenapa Shashon but sokay Damdam, I dont mind :) There's a lot of things about Damdam that I soooo wanted to tell you guys but lets keep it safe first. Taknak cerita lebih2.

Sebenarnye aku dah naik seram duduk kt luar nh. Bukan ape, kt luar nh byk lipas D; omg omg. gua shin cioau dulu!

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