Did you miss me?

Sssuppp bloggers! Omg. Lamenye tak blogging. Damnn. Seriously I cant make time to blog. But today, I have. And I got plenty of stories to share. :)
So, on the 2nd October, me and my sister got a new hair iron set from Mom. Thanks momma! :D and also, we both got our ear pierced. Urghh I think I want another. Haha. Oh oh! anddddd I got a new shoe! Huhu mama thanks again. :) So let's get the story started. HAHALadies and Gents, meet Asyraf Zainuddin a.k.a Ashaff :) A very sweet guy. We know each other through Facebook. So he's nice, sometimes funny, sometimes getting on my nerves but he's nice. Ashaff, you don't have to be perfect to impress me. You're quite impressive already :D

Well, I guess thats all. Not much huh? Im tireddddd -.- ciaou

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