When does the good part comes?

Oh yeah! It's here! The very good part. OMG! I'm using too much ( ! ) and you know why? Because I'm pissed! No, this aint a joke. I'm like fucking serious like fucking bad! and now I'm starting to spit venom words! First it was the emmm " no i'm not being flirty. I'm not interested in any girl, I don't feel like having any relationship " and what the fuck is this?!!!

But you don't know me. I'm not the one who's easily give up. I wont! Because I hold strong to my principe BELIEVE and HOPE. I don't know how is this going. It was going okay at first and then it turned out wrong. Is it wrong for me to act this way when the problem that caused me this way is you? Can you tell me honestly? Why do you have to tell me that you're not interested in anyone but you really do? I don't care if you're being honest! The way you lie makes me stick to myself to wait for YOU! and thats TORTURING! omg omg OMG! :'( I think it was my mistake either to let you slip away and not try to step up and tell you how I feel but I also don't wanna be the one to speak it out alone.

Okay, let me tell you a story. Every single day, there's always something that reminds me of you. Everytime I turn on the tv, there's the song we both like. Then the actress you like. and when I turn on my facebook, I turn into any page, your picture would be there next to the ads side. and when it's night, I usually dreamt of you. Not us together but you're in the picture. Once, I dreamt, I was sitting at a restaurant, eating. Then you, came out of nowhere, took a bench and sit behind my back and hold my hand. I felt it. I felt you touched me. Your image was crystal clear not like any other dream when it was blurry to recognise. You see? Why you? Why not somebody else when my dream can be about anyone else? I'm not trying to tell you that we're meant to be together. I don't know what to tell you! This is just so sick. I think I don't know what to do now. I guess we'll just see where this goes. :'(

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