Hell yeah. Clearly I stepped on some shit but I've cleaned it up. For fucking 8months I made myself looked like and imbecile. Seriously I'm done with it. Done trying. Done getting your attention. I'm getting bored with it. Plus I see you're quiet happy and doing so well nowadays. So now I wont bother to be close to you anymore. What's the friggin use!? Like everyone used to say "I'm better off without you " I guess :\ YES! I'm better off without you. And I think I should just really enjoy my life to the fullest. Too many opportunities that I've missed. Gladly I'm getting back on track, just to get what I wanted :)

And, HUGE and a MILLION thanks to all my shizzow for making my day a better one :) May Allah bless you all. I would be caught dead without you. hearts and kisses and hugsss

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