I was overwhelmed and forget that I've had enough. I smiled and don't remember what will it cause me. I told myself that things happen for a reason. Once I wrote no words can tell how much truth is true and believed. Thinking that maybe believing superstitous would turn everything back to normal - I was wrong. Blaming all the guilts to myself. Admitting stupidity is in me. Too much for an optimist. But a diviner never fails to predict. I will wait for another brighter day. Maybe it will take a decade, but my heart has no door. It will never be closed. No wind could blow me away, no rain could wash me down, no sun can burn me up, only you could make that happen.

I could never hate any of you because you have been a piece of a jigsaw puzzle in my life. Trying to fit in to my life, eventhough knowing that a few have been backstabbing, ignoring is the best way.

And to end this long and fuckingly annoying topic, I hope that I wont meet any imbecile who tries to tear my world and shread it like Oh FUCK YOU'RE EVIL AS HELL! Goodnight readers, stalkers, observers or wtv.

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