Heyy, oh geez its already 2:25am! and I'm still awake! Duhh just like always. So today, me and my family went to Shah Alam . There's a wedding. Awww I just love weddings. Seeing happy couples finally made a commitment to share their lives together through good && bad times. :) And after that, we head down to Mak Long's house in Shah Alam too. I miss my cousins and it was great that we spent the night gossiping about shitties. heheh. But I was hoping to meet Eqa tomorrow. She went back home that Friday. Her mother finally gave birth to baby boy. Congrats Auntie! I'm looking forward to visit them tomorrow. I really miss eqa the most. We're not going to meet each other often you know!? She's furthering her studies in Penang. Bapak jauh kan? Hmmm. Never thought that we will be apart this far. D; But thats okay because I know we will always stand by each other all the time . Hehe Goodnight ;)

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