Ponat !

So, I just got back from Johor. Man, Johor was wicked! We did some shopping lah of course. And I bought three shawls. But I dont know if Im ready to wear it yet. Just bought it to wear to class. And, we had a great time with my cousins. Mak Ngah was up the roof. She was laughing, making jokes, she's acting like she's, 18. haha and I like it. Lepastuh malam Sabtu kitorg pegi 'pasar karat' dkt Tebrau I think. Pehh, mata aku takyah citer lah kelebaran die mcm mane. Tapi malangnye, hapah pon takpat sbb mak aku tak join. Die duduk rumah tgk bola (padahal dah tido ) . Rugi mama tak ikot. Boooo. hehehe . Oh! Ibrahim Afellay, so FUCKIN HOT! nak die please? Grr. So I guess, thats all kot :) Toods

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