Night Arrives ,12:21am

*Did you ever get the feeling of :
  • Needing someone to talk to?
  • Needing to hear someone singing to your ears?
  • Wanting a Goodnight wish with kisses and hugs?
  • Craving for pampering and love?
  • Sleeping with a smile and when you wake up in the morning to get another smile?

- Well currently, this is happening to me. Oh God, I miss those days. My phone hasn't been ringing for quite a time. And my credits aren't running low. Why can't I, STILL get over this? Babi lah.

" Okay, sorry emo lebih. Biaselah. Dah malam. Paham2 jelah. Aku nh mood tak betol. Malam2 mmg mcm pantat. Paling benci. Time malam lah aku nk 'huhu', 'sigh'. Terok kn? Kalau nk igt balik time 2009 backwards, malam2 mcm nh, aku sebok buat homework kea lepak2 kea. Skang? Yarghhh! Super irritating... Eh, ada call lah ! Bye

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