Writing In The Skies

To be honest, Im not in my best mood this month. All I could ever wish for is to run. Run away from everything that could break me. I don't know whats wrong with me! When everything turned out well, thats when everything goes wrong. I don't know why am I being so fragile, so heartless, so confined. I guess, I dont want you anymore. I dont want anyone. I'm not good with this Love thingy. Maybe after all, it was all my fault. Whatever happen in my love life, twas all my fault. My mistake. I was too mesmerized with sweet guys but then I realised that they aint real. I wanted to move on and let go. I wanted to start a future and stop the past. I wanted to go forward and dont look backwards. I wanted to touch and feel something new. But all I ever wanted is " Someone here next to me, listen and look at me with a smile and said, Thats okay. Im here for you. "

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