You Can't Get Back My Trust.


Him : You
Me : Yes
Him : Buat apa?
Me : Twittering. Why?
Him : Takda apa. U dgn sapa?
Me : My sister.
Him : Oh hujan lebat oh
Me : I know. Same here
Him : you, i miss you
Me : Why?
Him : Nothng. U tak ngntok ke?
Me : Almost mengantok
Him : Go sleep lah syg
Me : Dont call me sayang.
Him : Hmm why?
Me : Cause im not your sayang?
Him : Hmm then be my syg
Me : Why should i?
Him : U syg i?
Me : No. You pissed me off byk kali
Him : Hmm im really sorry okay? kenapa u mrh sgt?
Me : Of courselah i marah. I honestly respect you, trusted you. Pastuh you layan 
i mcm i nh ape jea
Him : Hmm sorry. i syg u n thts why i notty sgt dgn u. but sriously dgn u je. sorry sgt sbb buat u tak suka
Me :Knp you sgy i? You pon baru knl i kan
Him : Sbb u je girl yg rapat dgn i yg boleh cte evrythng dgn i. n im really sorry sbb perangai notty i menjadi2. ive single for 3years u. imagine la a guy single lama2 without any girl. but i notty cmne pun dgn u je. i nk dgn u je. sorry sgt okay
Me : First you pernah ckp dkt i, you single for 3years and you takde contact with any girls. But then i tgk kt fb you ade jea awek2 yg mcm contact dgn you? How am i supposed to trust you when the obvious lie is infront of my own eyes?
Him : Tu kwn2 i lah youuuu. any girl yg i maksudkn i smone special. most of them dh ada bf. n most of them mmg kwn2 i. n ada kwn kt fb just hye2 bye2
Me : Idk lah. I've lost trust in you. I pon tataw lah mcm mane nak gain my trust on you back. You mintak maaf byk kali pon mcm main2. Nmpk mcm tak ikhlas. nak mintak suruh convince kan i pon you dah 'hmm hmm'
Him : Sumpah demi allah i tak tipu. haih. ntah la u. i ckp bnda btol. tak dpt apa pun kalau i tipu u. u tak cye u tny la jack last i ada gf bila. dia kenal ex i. haih
Me : I dont need anyone else to bgtaw i pasal you lah. Masa i tye you yg you pernah tido dgn sape2 kea tak you jwb ape? ' if pernah kenapa? You tak suka?' You pernah dgn perkataan first impression tak? That was yours. I need direct answers. Kalau lah you ade relationship dgn i, takkan i nk tye kwn2 you anything pasal you?
Him : I tak pnh sleep with sesapa pun u. u ni serious sgt lah. i tak tipu u pape pun. janji. dh okay. cn i call u?
Me : No need. I dlm bilik. Bising. Ganggu adik i nty
Him : Hmm okay. dh la u. taknak la marah2. hmm nak u syg
Me : I told you not to call me that
Him : Hmm sorry. k la u i nk tido. bye.

3minutes later...

Him : I miss you

Because of one guy like you, I've lost thousands of trust on guys. Its not just you but when I look back, all of them are the same. LUST! All because of lust. You motherfckers don't get what you want and then you leave. The same thing happen when you get what you want. Puas, blah. You shits don't know how to fucking treat me right, then you fuckers dont fucking deserve me. Go hook up with some cheap whore if you want lust! I can't give you any and wont give you any. Comprende? Fuck you.

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