Walking Towards The Closed Doors.

hey. so here I am, at Shah Alam, at my Mak Long's house and currently on my Kakna's bed. She's sleeping and I'm still awake. I have no one to talk to so I decided to talk with my blog. Hey blog! Sorry I've neglected you for quite a time. Been really busy lately. And I have this little thing that I wanna share with you. So you know the story between me and my ex. Well, pass that one. This one is about that girl once I blogged about. So I was at class and I grabbed her phone. Just to take a little look at my ex's facebook page and see how he's doing. It's just that. Nothing more. So nothing new about him. uh uh and! I knew that that girl is still bbm-ing with my ex. So, curiously I checked her bbm with my ex and as I expected, she's still bbm-ing him. The worse thing happened here is that she told my ex everything about what happened to me when my ex deleted me on facebook. well yeah, considering yourself as a considerate friend? Don't think so. I know that you're trying to become this 'relationship savior' but seriously, I don't need it. We both don't. We're going separate ways and that's just that. If you're thinking that if you had told him everything and he would think " hmm kesian lah pulak aku kt Tasha. " heyy, ain't gonna happen! He has his own life now and so do I. Eventho I see it to be miserable but still, I'm progressing okay? I'm not gonna stay because he didn't. Why waste all my heart to someone who just won't come back? So hunnay, stop being so 'bajet' caring. I don't need you to tell him everything about what had happened to me. He doesn't even care if I'm still alive or dead or married or divorced or having kids or lost one or whatever. HE DOESN'T CARE! ANYMORE! Plus, the way you're doing this just make things worse than before. Maybe later he would see me still being too attached to him when I'm actually not. Seriously, I'm fine for goodness sake. And if otherwise, you don't have to act like you care and you understand my situation. You don't even know me so well so, go to hell. It would be your biggest mistake to know who I really am. and hopefully now you know. I am very pissed off when people trying to act like this. haishh. well I need to get some rest. Really tired. kbai

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