Fuck you 2months.

no no, I don't just ' fuck ' somebody. its just that i'm sick and fucking booooooring! i mean, what the hell should i do for 2months of holiday? i was thinking of getting a job but em, everything doesn't seem to be in place. kelam kabut lah senang cakap. hmm. so yesterday i went lepak2 with atiq. one of my still standing friends. hmm, ewan pon dah start keje. do i need to mention where? tak payah lah kan. honestly, after he started working, we rarely talk. biaselah kan. we only talk after he has finish his work. i don't know bile lagi dpt jumpe die. he's busy with his friends, family and never got the time for me. so i'm kinda upset but what to do right? aku nh duduk 5batu jauh dr die. at least a phone call in the middle of the night is fine. i'm cool with that. so i guess i'll try to work on something this fucking 2months. hopefully i get to do something. *sigh

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