Cumon' Tasha.

hye guys and gals. so it's almost 3 in the morning. i'm not asleep yet and there's a reason for that. i don't feel so good these days. i've been going down all the time. i mean, OF COURSE i'm feeling down! i haven't see my boyfriend for like 5days i think. ehh, 5days is like 5years. tolonglahh faham :'( i'm dying, craving for his pampering. fuck, i miss you! faham tak??!! erghh! simpan, pendam, perap rasa rindu sampai bengkak jantung aku nh. shitzz. he's so busy working, and i'm so busy with nothing. pfftt. " bila kau nk kerja nh sha? " haa aku pon tataw lah bila. stop asking yourself tasha. " okay... " =='

so what do you do today, Tasha?
well, basically just staying at home. Eqa was at home that petang. lepak2 after awhile we haven't seen each other. lama gila okay? Eqa shared her stories, so do i. and we chased after her cat, Peaches who's been running here and there, masuk bawah kereta nh, masuk bawah kereta tuh. hey, her cat is one heck of a cat. GANAS NAK MAMPUIH! i don't know what happened to that cat but it seemed really angry today. maybe she hates looking at my face ==' duhh. well, literally that's all we did today.

How's boyfriend going, Tasha?
boyfriend's doing good. he's tired working. today, he finished work at 6. and didn't even call/text me. so i called him via ' telefon rumah ' and ask him how is he today. he said sakit pinggang bagai. poor baby. gotta work hard kan sayang? fighting! i just don't know. somehow talking to him today was, a little quiet. we don't laugh a lot. tooooo much serio
us in our conversation. you know how much i hate being so serious when i'm with him. i don't know whenever i can see him again. i miss him :'( i really do. i feel like going to his workplace and just smudged his face until he faints! i miss you a lot bby. i miss our times when we were busy 'manja2-ing' and singing and enjoying our day. please, i beg you, ya Allah, ketemukan lah aku dgn Ridzuan Azmi secepat mungkin. even just a minute. one hug, one kiss, is enough.

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