Its a new start.

So, aku dapat Unisel Shah Alam in Masscomm. And I accepted it. I wont want to wait for rayuan sbb result keluar bulan7. Malas aku nk tgu lama2. Plus dpt kt shah alam pon okay jugak. Tiba-tiba jadi malas nk pegi jauh2. Tp benci lah tak dapat amek driving license lagi. :'[
And ohh, harinh sumpah bosan nak mati, and I think I'm sort-of pissed off. I hate it when I'm already forgetting someone and trying to look for someone new and then the someone new starts giving false hopes and in the end, I end up feeling like a total JACKASS! Maybe I was always right about never give another second chance. Maybe second chance dont deserve another second chance. Babi lah! Pahal aku nk touching panas panas nh?! Siak. But now, g mampos lah all of those. Jangan lah nk membutoh carik aku. Im not fucking IMPORTANT to you and so to any of you out there. Pegi MATI!

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