Huwaaa!! D;

What's wrong with me? I'm depressed! And you wanna know why? Because I'm a COMPLETE FAILURE!

This is torturing me. I kept having dreams about him over and over again, and hoping for it to come true, BUT IT WON'T!
I'm sorry, but I've tried to forget you and go on, but I can't and I'm sorry. It's just sometimes there're things in life that I can't just let it go that easy. It may take a little or not too little time for me to overcome this. It's hard. Because everywhere I go, there's always something or someone that reminds me of you. Like whenever I see the name Jason, i think of you. Whenever I heard the song you used to sing, I think of you. Whenever I stop by the place we've been to, I think of you. And can you tell me, how can I stop thinking of you?

There's a saying : Friends come and go,
Moneys come and go,
Boys come and go,
But, Family don't come and go. ( do you have any idea what does this saying have to do with my situation? lol)

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