Tidak mengapa.

The moment i sat with you, you'll hear all my laughter, jokes, dramas, stories and gossip.

I wont tell you this, but....

I am insecure. But i keep on flipping my hair so you wont noticed.

I am full of jealousy. But i treated you and everyone equally so it wont be that obvious.

I am weak. But I tried to appear strong and tough so i can make you believe that i am unbreakable.

I am a loner. But i talk a lot with random people and just open with anyone so i can make you see how bright i am.

I am nothing. But i tried showing you that i am something so you would be impressed.

I thought i had won your heart, but i lost it instead.

I tried to give you my best but i realized that my best is nothing but a total mess. And why does this rhymes?

I wanted to push you off a cliff, but we havent even started climbing.

I wanted to keep you, but i havent saved any space for you yet.

I wanted to cherish you, but i decided to cut it short.

I thought i was ready, but actually i'm not.

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